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Grayphics hosts Mac Games

Throughout our history, Grayphics has hired excellent talent. Most of our hires were to get people that we saw as skilled, but were unfamiliar with the processes that new technologies placed before them.

We took this hiring route so that we could train (not re-train) in a method that allowed us to be at the top of the tech curve at any given moment. A side effect of this process meant we had many computer gamer types join our ranks and the computer network after hours became a haven for game play. It also brought several websites to our servers:, 3DMacGames, MacSpectre, Avara and more. brought in 30,000 hits in its first months online and Bungie began banner advertising on the site. Contact with these gaming companies in the early days of internet connectivity offered us a unique perspective on the growth potential of networked games and an insight on their production. It also brought us close to many creative types like ourselves who generated the artwork for these games. Craig Mullins, for example, did the artwork above for 1995ish Bungie release of Marathon was also in contact with one of our younger employees who, in turn, ultimately went on to work with Disney on the movie Dinosaur.

In the mid 1990s Grayphics was host to several Marathon (Bungie's predecessor to Halo on a Mac only environment) tournaments to which people travelled from all over the United States to attend. These tournaments took over our downtown stores located at 25 & 29 West Anapamu for days on end, with Trophies handed out to the victors (Grayphics employees were allowed to play, just not receive the accolades -- founder, Tim Gray and PrePress Manager, Dave Gorrebeeck took 1st and 2nd place respectively, but it was all just fun for us). Several of our employees used Grayphics as a stepping stone and went on to work for internet, gaming and movie companies.

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On a side note, looking back with 20/20 hindsight, we missed the boat on Social Networking that we already had in place... 

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