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About Grayphics Digital Imaging & Printing


A Brief History:

Grayphics was officially founded in the spring of 1988 as a desktop publishing business. Although, due to the influx of home based computer operators doing ''design'', desktop publishing ultimately became a relatively frowned upon term in the graphics community, Grayphics outgrew the term in early 1990s. One of the only remnants of these early days is our phone number: (805) 899-2387 or (805) 899-2DTP (DeskTop Publish). It was the early adoption of, and acquisition of, high end computer driven color imaging devices and the total immersion into publishing software, that gave Grayphics its early strong competitive edge.

Through the 1990s and the early 2000s, Grayphics competed directly with as many as 10 other imaging houses in the Santa Barbara region and has outlived them all. The multifaceted nature of Grayphics and expertise of our staff clearly set us apart. Our biggest competition today tends to be your friend's neighbor's cousin's son's best friend - we jest a bit, but we truly hear stuff like this all the time. Computers today make it easy for you to lump something together with information on it. Often its a template using a standard typeface. Typically the finished piece looks like an amateur threw something haphazardly together - - fortunately this too is why we still thrive.

  • 23 Years Serving the Print and Design Industry
  • Multiple Addy Award Winner, including Best-in-Show
  • Award Winner in Color Theory
  • International Award Winner in Vehicle Wrap Graphics
  • Authorized Imaging Center/Bureau for Adobe, Aldus, Iomega, Microsoft, and Quark
  • Masters in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Over twenty years in business. Three decades in color theory. Over 50 years in combined printing knowledge. "First Place" International Vehicle Wrap Contest, "Best of Show" Addy Award Winners, "First Place" Multimedia Addy Award Winners. Motivated to please, happy to accommodate, ready to help you make your business THRIVE!  / These all describe our company.

We have helped reproduce artwork of masters such as Picasso, developed props for movies such as "Pirates of the Carribean", "I Love Trouble", "Mafia!", "Steal Big, Steal Little", with promotional pieces and video releases for "Tarzan", "Shrek", "Toy Story 2", and television story boarding for shows like "Star Trek, The Next Generation" and "Voyager". We have printed more than 100 "Islands" magazine covers, "Little Mermaid" and "Mickey Mouse" magazine covers all while generating package design, ads, and marketing pieces for "ESPN", "AOL", and large and small local companies alike.

From awards in color theory to multimedia releases, to government projects that we can't even discuss; our clients put their trust, and their repeat business, in our capable hands.

Thinking of Design and Print? Think Grayphics!

is the sister site to Grayphics' printing division. Devoted to providing award winning car and vehicle wraps.

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