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Book Layout - Luis Estevez de Galvez Project Sometimes our projects take on a life of their own. Passions, Fashions, Fortune & Fun, originally was planned as an 86 page book with under 100 images turned into a project with approximately 380 pages and over 1000 images. We worked so closely with the Author of the book, we became part of his dedication page. From Cuban peasants to American presidents, this man rubbed elbows and clothed some of the worlds wealthiest and worlds most known.
Photography & Product Prototyping These spice cans from The Spicy Gourmet don't exist. They are examples of our photography and Photoshop mastery. A generic can was photographed separately from the individual spices and the text added to denote the type of spice. The windows to the spices were generated to cast appropriate shadows and depth.
Webpage Design Webpages, websites, webhosting, whatever you want to call it... we develop it. The site shown here was designed for ourselves to promote our vehicle wrapping capabilities. It took on an aspect of its own and has taken off to stand on its own two feet (four wheels). It features informative data along with a small gallery to show off some of the completed projects.
Website Development Webpages, websites, webhosting, whatever you want to call it... we develop it. The site shown here was created at one-tenth the cost of their prior site and the response differential is too ridiculous to calculate. Our goal, as was with JR Nickolai's site, is to get to know the company, the target audience, and the product/service you sell and not just create an informative page, but something visually pleasing, dynamically fetching, and a site to which people return time and time again. The Deluxe Facial Care site is the same website but with an additional intro page and a redirect to the skin care portion of the site.
Norton's Pastrami Menu It feels good to have our neighbors entrust us with their promotions. Like so many other smaller businesses in Santa Barbara, Norton's Pastrami looked to us to raise the bar on their promotional flyers. Knowing that we provide the absolute best product per dollar spent, Norton's brought us a sheet of crumpled ruled note paper, covered in blue smeared ball-point written chicken scratch. We chose to visit them and get a taste of what they were all about - Rich and delicious! Just like the menu above that we ultimately designed from 'scratch'.
The Original Olive Street Table Box Set Olive Street Table company came to Grayphics with a shrinkwrapped pizza-like product with a slapped on black and white sticker. They proceeded to tell us what they wanted designed, which we did, BUT we knew that what we came up with would serve them better. With the release of OUR designed boxes, they ended up in dozens of markets virtually overnight!
Olive Street Table Chicken Pot Pie The smallest food packaging box that we've created was actually the 'link' between generations one and two of the Olive Street Table line.
Olive Street Table 2nd Gen Box Art With its initial successes and great feedback, OST's second generation boxes were given a little more punch of color, a distancing from the 'Crisp', a larger "logo" and a move towards Pizza in an effort to expand on their market share.
Olive Street Table Costco Pak A short year after expanding outside the local marketplace, Olive Street Tables first 4-pak (actually two separate, double deep, boxes designed to meet side by side) were delivered to Costco. This project included a modification to the 2nd generation design of boxes to accommodate an additional 3 crisps.
French Pastry Pizza Singles When Olive Street Table first met with Grayphics' 17 months earlier, they had never imagined that this third generation box design would ultimately lead to a potential company name change. So taken with the design and the strength of these boxes, the way the name described the product better than earlier 'crisp' and 'pate brisee pizza', it was a natural, and almost forgone conclusion, that the name of the company took on the OST's French Pastry Pizza nomenclature.
French Pastry Hors D'Oeuvres When Costco needed a box generated specifically for holiday distribution, The French Pastry Pizza Company once again sought our package design skills. Keeping in line with previous boxes, we kept the box elegant and full of rich, appetizing color.
Back Cover Santa Barbara Magazine, Oliver & Espig Jewelers Prominent advertising. Thoughtful photo retouching. Exquisite color selection. World class jewelry. All tied together on the back cover of internationally distributed, Santa Barbara Magazine.  
Oliver & Espig Jewelers Santa Barbara Magazine Ads In the last decade we have generated more than two dozen ads for the back of Santa Barbara Magazine. Here are a few that have graced the back of the Magazine with Oliver & Espig Jewelers advertising.
Mecca Footwear Printed Bags Grayphics has been fortunate to be integral in the development of many larger corporations sales and marketing programs... many not even aware of it. We often get subcontracted to complete a variety of promotional materials by advertising and marketing companies throughout the country. GBMI was the recipient of the above bags which came with matching shoe boxes. We do keep this information confidential, but as GBMI has closed their doors, we felt these help show off our diversity. We didn't create the logo itself, just the layout and the patterns on both bags, down to designing the pitted brushed chrome.
Zizzo's Envelopes The first of a growing Franchise made their way to our doors in an attempt to start their cohesive marketing strategies.

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