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Transparency Mask

Grayphics uses state-of-the-art technology to process high resolution film. We prepare transparency mask film using a 7.5 micron spot. At this resolution complex designs often associated with microchip and printed circuit board manufacturing are accurately rendered.

Process: Emulsion-based transparencies from standard PC-based graphics application
Material: High quality polyester based film
Smallest Line Width: ~10 microns based on information returned from Universities and Engineering Facilities all across the U.S. and Canada.

NOTE: We accept flattened Adobe Illustrator files, .pdf, .ps, and eps only

Standard Turnaround: 24-hrs from time of order. Rush Service is available for 50% up-charge.

TIP: In order to prepare AutoCad files for printing, take the following steps:

  1. Separate all the layers so that they do not lie on top of each other. You can arrange the layers side by side in a 2-D array. Remember that you can usually fit multiple layers on the same transparency
  2. After separating the layers, go to File->Plot. On the Plot Device page, choose your Adobe Acrobat distiller as the printer name. In the Plot style table (Pen Assignment) menu, choose ‘monochrome.ctb’. This pen will convert all your layers to black. That is the color you want on your transparency. Now go to the Plot Settings page and provide a correct plot scale. For example, if you have drawn in mm units, then choose ‘mm’ for the paper and provide a scale of 1:1 for the Plot Scale.
  3. You can also center your plot. See a preview of your drawing in order to make sure that all the settings are appropriate and the drawing is to the correct scale and centered.

High Resolution Film Mask -- CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE -- Mask generated using 7.5 micron spot Product Details

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