Bus Boards on MTD Santa Barbara

Vehicle advertising is todays best way to make an impression on a budget. Printing graphics for local and national chains, educational facilities, and event promotion has kept us busy through the years.

Its amazing how inexpensive this form of advertising is. Per impression costs end up being fraction of cents, far less than that of direct mail, radio, magazine or other untargeted mass printings. These are the only billboards in Santa Barbara, printed by Grayphics and seen by millions annually. With more than 2.5 million miles travelled and over 200,000 hours on the road, these ads are most certainly the best print ads per dollar spent in Santa Barbara County.

Grayphics' history has a proven longevity with the MTD approved media used in tandem with our inksets. The fade and tearing you may see in others' products aren't found here; even after a year or more on the buses. We print all sizes of the exterior ads at an industry bottom price. Our turnaround gets your product delivered directly to MTD within days. Your presence is felt for years!

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